Monday, February 25, 2008

Farewell to the "father" of Christian rock

Yesterday morning, Sunday, February 24, Larry Norman passed away at his home in Salem, Oregon. He has been rightly called the father of Christian rock.

The music of Larry Norman, his ideas, his principles all helped me see that Christianity was and should be a vital force in our world. And despite his other-worldly theology, his commitment to excellence in music and to Christian creativity is what largely sensitized me to Reformational thinking. I doubt Larry Norman had read or heard of Abraham Kuyper and Herman Dooyeweerd, but his musicianship and his call to the church to be relevant in the world clearly reflected their principles.

In this way, Larry Norman's life and music prepared me to attend Dordt College and made me receptive to the philosophy being taught there.

"All I wanna know is why should the Devil have all the good music?"