Friday, October 19, 2012

What's our mission? Or, How does Christianity relate to our careers?

In Comment Magazine, Cory Willson reviews two books on vocation and mission and offers a distinctly Biblical understanding of what human beings are called to be and do.

The following quotatation gets at the heart of his critique:
Christians in diverse professions need more than a moral theology that begins and ends with personal piety, models of servant leadership, and calls to love their neighbour.
What is that theology?
To be effective, a theology of vocation must be grounded in a biblical vision of the person as God's image-bearer, which necessarily involves culture-making. On its own, a focus on love and redemption lacks the theological weight to ground vocation in creation and God's plans for humans in the world.
To equip academics and others at developing such a theology and applying it to their disciplines and professions, I recommend the bibliography available at the Faith and Learning Network.

Of course Comment Magazine and its mother institution, Cardus, are leaders in equipping Christians to understand and live out their calling as God's image bearers in their professions.


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