Monday, September 10, 2012

What is spirituality?

I recently completed a survey for academics on beliefs and values. Many questions used the term "spiritual" and I had to decide for myself how I understood the term as I answered those questions. But then I came to an open-ended question: 45. What meaning does the term "spiritual" have for you? In response, I wrote
For me, spiritual isn't the same as spiritual vs natural. Nor is it the kind of eastern spirituality-mysticism. I believe that the whole of the created order is spiritual in the sense that it is an outgrowth of and response to God's creative and sustaining power. In ways incomprehensible to human beings, I believe that God is "behind" the existence and development of everything that is known to human beings. At the same time, I believe that human beings have a unique place in the this creation order to live out lives of creativity, exploration, and development, and as they do so, they give honor and glory to their maker.


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